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The film-archives of TRIANOmedien

If you research new original historical amateur films, home movies and private footage

still unknown and never released before



Imagine you would find a vault with many thousands of historical unique amateur films which have had fallen into a deep sleep 20 to 70 years ago. If you open a film can of metal or Bakelite or card you can find ancient celluloid films on an old style metal or plastique reel. Some people would scrap this, because they don't know what to do with this.

But this is not your way. You are different. You know that this might be the one and only chance to discover some tesseraes of ancient times. You like to search for past times and their unsolved mysteries. Each film reel can deliver you with clear pictures of life, joy, politics, blood, passion and fashion of longtime ago. Sometimes a KODACHROME film of 1939 delivers better pictures of life than a news film of nowadays. But sometimes the content of a black and white film does intrigue even more. And sometimes even a very old and fragile film document delivers insights noone has expected so far. Welcome at TRIANOmedien.


TRIANOmedien produces films and dvds, called "vintage and youth" by historical amateur films. These films and dvds show the daily life of a big variety of vintage generations: Especially toys, haircuts, clothes, fashion styles of children and youth-generations in the 20th century should be brought to life again.

Therefore TRIANOmedien also collects and archives historical private footage with billboard advertising, traffic, and city-life. In addition politics, world war 2 (WW II), cold war, GDR, any events and also the daily life in foreign countries. Especially of the favorite travel-destinations in the different former epoches - especially in Germany, in Europe, in North-America, South-America.

For example Manhattan in 1927, or city traffic in the center of Moscow and Leningrad or Saint Petersburg in 1937 or e.g. Brussels, Antwerp, Stockholm, London, Liverpool, Lisbon, Algiers, Tripoli, Tunis, Rome, Naples, Cairo, Haifa, Jerusalem, Athens, Istanbul, Monte Carlo, Paris, Nice, Innsbruck, Vienna, Zurich etc. in the 1930ies and the World's Fairs of Paris 1937 to Osaka 1970 you are going to find in the film archives of TRIANOmedien.

Also different shots and sequences of big cities in Germany in the 1930ies/1940ies e.g. of Nuremberg, Munich, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Saarbrücken, Koblenz, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mühlheim, Essen, Bochum, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, Hanover, Bremen, Hamburg, Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Halle, Leipzig.

TRIANOmedien has collected a large quantity of small-format amateur footage within the past years. By purchase, by assignment, by voluntary conveyance, and in some cases as loan.



In summer 2010 TRIANOmedien has been founded. So far our archives contain about 400.000 meter, i.e. more than 1.300.000 feet of cine films. It is primarily the film format 16 mm, 9,5 mm, regular 8 and super 8 of private amateur cameras. After 1980 more and more analog video-cassettes of different formats become relevant.


All of them are one of a kind and therefore unique items of historical film documents. Nearly all of them are from private filmers resp. owners and from documentary filmmakers. The large majority are 100 % amateur made films which show the daily life of 1923 - 1995 in a very direct and authentic way: Close to the action.



Actually these 400.000 meter of small format home videos cover more than 1.800 hours of historical original film. Which is comparable to the length of 1.600.000 meter of 35 mm cine films. The amateur-film archives get continuously bigger. Also more of selected films get digitalized.


Black-and-white (i.e. b/w, bw) and colour (color) films.



The historical home movies cover the period of 1923 up to 1995:


1923-1932: Weimar Republic, bw films

1933-1939: Third Reich pre-war time, bw + colour films

1939-1945: Third Reich at World War 2 (WW 2, WW2, WWII, WW II), bw + colour films

1940-1945: World War 2 (WW 2, WW2, WWII, WW II) in France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, UDSSR, Eastern Europe like e.g. Romania, North Africa, etc., bw + colour films

1945-1949: Post-war years, bw + colour films

1950-1959: The fifties, the time of the "Wirtschaftswunder": The economic miracle at Germany in the 1950ies, bw + colour films

1960-1969: The recovery in the sixties / 1960ies, bw + colour films

1970-1979: Liberal social democratic and recession years in the seventies / 1970ies, bw + colour films

1980-1989: The recovery in the eighties / 1980ies, colour films

1990-1995: The nienties after the German reunification, colour films


The focus of the historic home movies is from the German-speaking part.


In addition there are a lot of films and home movies also from Europe North America, Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia done in these countries. Made by locals and travellers. A foreign traveller sees other countries from a different and often surprising perspective. Because he might see a lot of daily details, cities and people in a true and compassionate perspective. Travellers in a foreign country are very often excellent observer of the lifestyle of cities and everyday culture.


The film archives of TRIANOmedien contain after 1935 not only black-and-white, but also more and more colour-films. Especially film stocks of KODACHROME and AGFACOLOR. After 1965 the footage is in most cases colour resp. color film.


More than 99 % of the material has never been released nor published so far. Except of course the small percentage use of it for the dvd-production of the Vintage and Youth-films of TRIANOmedien. But for those dvds we can not use each film reel. Sometimes it is too aggressive, sometimes the content is intriguing, but it doesn't fit to our actual film-script, sometimes we got it just after the deadline for a new dvd production and in a lot of cases we just want to preserve this footage in our archives. So it is going to tell how the world has been at the time, when it was exposed. Sequence per sequence. Shot per shot. Frame per frame.


TRIANOmedien is contacted since 2011 more often by TV production companies and television editors and asked if it would be possible to get licences of our historic film archives. Yes, it is possible to get a licence of some film-sequences and topics of original amateur film footage for the production of documentary films and other TV-formats.


So if you want to offer TV viewers fresh contents and surprising new sequences in your documentaries, please feel free, to contact us.


TRIANOmedien has aquired all of its film stocks carefully. Most of the footage reels have been selected after a meticulous research. Therefore we can offer you an assortment of about 110.000 minutes of film content. These films do cover a large variety of topics and image motifs of the period of 1923 to 1990.


The film stocks are analyzed and screened continuously. All contents - even small details are documented - in our database. So we can search for your inquiries, even if you ask for special details like e.g. contemporary clothing of the 1930ies, or arms in the 1940ies or chocolate or neon signs in the 1950ies etc.


For most of these amateur- and documentary films you can get a licence for your film- respectively TV-production. Either for documentaries, or semi-documentary films, movies, educational TV, reportages, internet-/museum-/music-clips, trade fair spots, TV commercials and features on television etc.. In some cases we have to consider restriction notes.


If you are interested in a research or licence, please contact us early, as some footage has not been digitalized yet and we always expect to get new reels of film stocks. Exact what you research for your next film project might get into our archives in the next days, next weeks or next months.